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There are so many factors to consider when looking to match the right employee to the right employer. There’s the candidate’s skill and experience, of course, but there is also their intuition, their creativity, their flexibility, their ability to fit into the company’s culture and connect with the other employees, etc. Between comparing candidates, measuring and prioritizing their qualifications, negotiating compensation - the process is one complicated math problem.

But lucky for you, there’s one simple solution to that equation - HR Plus 1.

Whether you’re a candidate looking for a new job placement, or a company looking for new employees or outsourced support, HR Plus 1 will be your guide for international recruitment and full-service headhunting. With our deep database of candidates and our relationships with companies around the world, we will match promising talent with rewarding positions across the globe, no matter the industry or specialty.

HR Plus 1 equals a simple, efficient recruitment experience. Get started today!

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About Us

HR Plus 1 is a full-service firm dedicated to global recruitment and talent acquisition, both for employers and for job seekers. With an international presence and contacts around the world, our highly experienced team connects talented people with empowering global opportunities, and helps companies find employees that seamlessly fit in with their brand

HR Plus 1 works across a variety of industries, utilizing our deep pool of candidates and our strong partner relationships to match quality talent with exciting opportunities, no matter the field. In addition, HR Plus l prides itself on its strategic balance between our international reach and our localized approach. We are able to open our clients up to global opportunities and candidates, but we do so through local contacts in multiple countries that provide niche insight on culture, compensation, and other considerations.

The path to comprehensive and accurate recruitment is as easy as a simple equation: HR Plus 1.

Meet our CEO

The vision for HR Plus 1 was conceived over a decade ago by our founder and CEO

Michael Olofsson.

Michael spent years working in HR and management consulting at large companies. This experience gave him a unique perspective on both sides of the recruitment coin. On the one hand, he understood the kind of candidates that companies wanted to hire, how to attract those candidates, and how to assess whether or not these candidates were indeed a good fit for the company’s team and culture.

On the other hand, he got to know the candidates themselves, not only as resumes but as people and employees. He gained the ability to read people, as well as to assess resumes quickly, ask targeted interview questions, and match those incomplete pieces with a candidate’s real potential.

Michael decided he wanted to use those skills to foster the employee-employer relationship not just for one company but for thousands of companies and candidates around the world. He wanted to represent not only companies in need of workers, but also the workers themselves, and help them present themselves as best as possible to build even more professional opportunities.

And that’s exactly what he did. Over the years, HR Plus 1 continued to grow globally, as more employees and employers turned to us to solve their recruitment needs.

Our Team

Today HR Plus 1 boasts dozens of employees across the globe, and their diverse expertise matches the diverse needs of our clients.

The majority of our team is comprised of headhunters and talent acquisition specialists, as would be expected. Our recruiters operate to the highest standards both with companies and with candidates. Their extensive experience coupled with their keen insight and passion results in a dedicated team that explores every avenue to find the best employment fit.

Further, HR Plus 1 backs up our headhunting team with skilled professionals that provide added value at every turn. Our administrative managers serve as proficient points of contact and candidate filters. Our employment coaches help job seekers spruce up their resumes and interview skills. And our network of consultants provides insight on additional matters that crop up in the recruitment process, from compensation to legal contracts and more.

Together, our team works diligently to provide creative and comprehensive recruitment solutions from all fronts.

Our Location

Sweden France Portugal Germany Austria Israel Hungary

HR Plus 1 was founded and maintains headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. However, as our reputation spread, we were able to achieve our goal of maintaining a global reach with local support, opening offices around the world.

Scan the map to find the closest HR Plus 1 office to you. None nearby? Have no fear - HR Plus 1 can provide solutions no matter where you’re located.

Our Value

HR Plus 1 is deeply committed to our clients’ success, and works tirelessly to turn our global recruitment experience into exceptional solutions with long-term value.

Not only do we have the experience and international reach to find the most suitable candidates for any job; we also have the insight to understand the specific, nuanced needs of every business, and provide bespoke solutions accordingly. It costs more money to replace an employee than to keep one, so we will work to find lasting candidates that can grow with your company. And we’ll do so while saving you time and energy.

Additionally, HR Plus 1 prides itself on our innovative and modem approach to recruitment. We maintain a broad database both of job applicants and job postings, and use custom software to quickly pull up a relevant list of matching candidates.

What truly sets us apart, however, is our deep passion for our work. We believe in increasing global employment. We believe in the power of people to transform a business. And we believe in combining those ideals to foster outstanding employee-employer relationships.

HR Plus 1

HR Plus 1 is a full-service firm dedicated to global recruitment and talent acquisition, both for employers and for job seekers.

Job Recruitment

HR Plus 1 works closely with companies and organizations of all sizes, industries, and locations to help identify the best talent to fill job openings at any level.

We will work closely with you to understand your specific recruitment needs, and use our extensive database of candidates as well as global connections to find employees that not only match the job’s skill requirements, but also fit with the company’s values and culture. We will also help you with negotiations, compensation packages, relocation processes, and onboarding.

HR Plus 1 utilizes its database to fill all position levels - full-time staff, temporary replacements, senior management, and independent freelancers for niche projects. In addition, HR Plus 1 can help craft and manage outsourcing solutions, allowing you to increase your workforce in a cost-effective, flexible process.

HR Plus 1 provides bespoke solutions to its clients according to their needs, usually incorporating one or all of the following services:

  • Executive search and headhunting
  • Fixed fee, direct hire and contract recruitment
  • Writing and marketing job postings
  • Talent sourcing and screening
  • Interviewing (in person and virtual)
  • Candidate assessment and evaluation
  • Reference checks
  • Compensation benchmarking
  • Contract negotiations
  • International employment requirements (relocation, local contract policies, etc.)
  • Recruitment strategy and policy
  • Employee retention planning
  • Outsourcing management
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Job Placement

HR Plus 1 believes in helping people of all industries, ages, and levels of experience to find their perfect job. Everyone deserves not only to work, but to be fulfilled in that work, meet their own potential, and grow their careers long¬term.

At HR Plus 1, we will not only find exciting opportunities where you can thrive, but also help you obtain those positions through dedicated career coaching, resume improvement, interview preparation, and other tools that will help you shine.

HR Plus 1 is also dedicated to helping people realize their dreams of traveling and relocation by identifying international job opportunities, and facilitating overseas employment. Every interested employee gets added to our global database of candidates, who can be approached by exciting companies around the world.

No matter your role or interest, HR Plus 1 will help you find your place in the world - professionally and geographically - through solutions that include but are not limited to:

  • Job search and opportunity sourcing
  • Skills assessment and career coaching
  • Interview preparation and guidance
  • Resume writing and editing
  • Application management
  • Job terms and compensation negotiations
  • Relocation services
  • Professional enhancement workshops
  • Freelancer opportunities
  • Full- and part-time job placement
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